Mission Statement


Authentic Montessori Academy’s mission is to provide a peaceful and truly authentic Montessori environmentwhere children are free to develop spontaneously and naturally as they make their way toward independence. The school strives to develop and maintain a strong presence within the community and around the school.

Authentic Montessori Academy’s Vision

The vision of Authentic Montessori Academy is to maintain Montessori traditions while remaining on the cutting edge of innovative education. The school will provide a unique, yet authentic center of excellence where children can reach their highest potential.

Authentic Montessori Academy’s Values

Providing an authentic Montessori environment, in keeping with the core values, and time-tested teachings of Maria Montessori, is of utmost importance for Authentic Montessori Academy.

We value Maria Montessori’s pedagogy and respect her discoveries regarding child development. One being that the environment is a major factor in child development and the adult in the children’s classroom is part of that environment and in that environment, “The adult helps the child to meet his needs to become independent. If the adult acts on behalf of the child, development is impeded.” – Maria Montessori

We value the child’s individuality and support their natural development so that they can become self- motivated to reach new levels of understanding and develop a strong sense of self-esteem in a peaceful, respectful, environment.