"Our daughter attended AMA for a few years, and we absolutely loved our time there. The teachers were always happy to see her each day and they really took the time to get to know her and learn the best teaching styles that worked for her. She came home everyday with exciting stories to tell and new skills to show off. We really loved our time there!"
Melissa ‘Missy’ Gurley
"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Avery over the past two years. We have seen Avery grow into such a smart, confident little girl while she has been at AMA. Continue to do the amazing job you have been doing. We know Avery will miss you all!"
The K. Family
"Thank you for everything you do and for fostering a great environment for holistic learning and development. We both recognize and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating such an environment. We are happy our son has you as role models!"
From K’s Parents
The AMA team was very accommodating to the unique needs of our son who has food allergies. He started out as very shy and soft spoken and blossomed into a super smart, confident and well-mannered young man. My husband and I will be forever grateful for AMA and the vital role they played in our sons’ education. Thank you AMA!
There are truly no words to sum up the experience at AMA for our 2-year old daughter, Reese. The staff at AMA have become family and we would never consider taking our children anywhere else. Reese feels loved as soon as she walks through the door, which makes us feel wonderful when we leave her for the day. We know she is not only having fun, but also receiving quality education that will serve her well as she transitions into JK and beyond.
Rebecca and Shawn M.
At Authentic Montessori Academy, a whole team of teachers is interested in my daughter and they work with all parents to help our children gracefully come into their fullest potential. It’s a very nourishing environment and every time my daughter and I enter the school a feeling of warmth and hope envelops.

Transitioning into the school was made easy by the compassionate staff and accepting students. Learning is fun, rigorous and engaging. I see it in my daughters smiling face, in her expansive creativity, in her freedom of movement. We are learning and we are enjoying every single day at AMA.  Furthermore, I see that my daughter is offered appropriate and stimulating challenges for her development, body, soul and spirit. Not only does she love school, but school is helping her to develop into a strong, resilient and caring young lady. My daughter’s self confidence flourishes, she is learning and growing at an exceptional pace. She enjoys all activities, both in the classroom and outdoors. She takes pride in her “work” and her school, and is learning to build strong relationships and friendships with both the staff and her peers.

We love Authentic Montessori Academy because it gives my daughter and all the children the best chance to develop a foundation for the qualities that I believe are most important to a successful and happy life. Some of these qualities are resiliency, and the confidence that comes from within.

I love that this school looks at educating the whole child. The faculty operates from a positive outlook that sees the strengths of each child; while working to develop the areas of need. This positive outlook gives the students the encouragement and healthy self-image necessary to foster self-confidence and risk taking.

AMA encourages children how to think, not what to think. How to see, not what to see. With this kind of education, their future possibilities and opportunities are endless.

The teachers are the most dedicated group of educators I have met thus far in my personal journey. Their deep commitment to the children's learning and social development is obvious as soon as your child begins their journey at AMA. They focus on each child as an individual and work with the child based on their needs.

I am so grateful that this caring supportive and creative community exists for my daughter. Thank you to the truly inspirational educators!
Rani T.
Jacob is doing super well since he graduated from AMA. … He is advanced in his math abilities compared to the curriculum at Country Day School. He is at par with his reading skills. And his printing and writing are also ahead of curriculum expectations. So I wanted to thank you and the Teachers for working with him! He was super prepared, which made the transition much easier, I think. You've really prepped him well and we are very grateful!
Denise Ma
Love Authentic Montessori! The owner Victoria Kubica is knowledgeable, professional and just a lovely warm person. Her team is top-notch, especially Katie Furlotte who my daughter absolutely adores. My daughter flourished at AMA, I am always so impressed with the kind of advanced things she learns at school. I feel confident that my little girl is in the best hands, and have no worries when I go off to work. I highly recommend Authentic Montessori.
Camille Dundas
“For my child it's home away from home, and I feel he is well taken care of.  Daily meals served are nutritional.  The teachers are very caring and always address any questions or concerns. Overall, I recommend this Montessori.”
Subanki S.
"I always refer my friends to come here.  I live in Bowmanville and although there are many Montessori schools around me, I choose to send my son to AMA. Not only is the staff at Authentic Montessori Academy friendly and professional they are loving.   I don't feel like my son is at a stuffy Montessori school I feel like he is in good loving, nurturing hands."
Michele L.
I can’t thank you enough for the good service that you provide. A friend of mine should be calling you this week. I spoke to her last week and gave her your name, as I do with anyone who asks - thanks again!
Gord Z.
We wanted to sincerely thank you for the love and incredible care you have provided to Jack. He has blossomed in the last six months and we owe it to you! He’s loved coming to school and it’s been such a comfort to us to leave him in your care! Thank you so much!
J.M.’s family
I really appreciate your loyalty. You are one of the more resilient and capable people that I have met. It seemed like anything and everything that happened this year was just another thing to do that got done. No questions asked – you just got it done! You have a very large skill set that I admire.
Chris N.
We want to express our sincere appreciation for your pleasant manner in assisting with the process of adjusting to the program. We are very pleased with the excellent service we received each time we spoke with you. We look forward to beginning the program again this Fall. Thank you again for your guidance. Your professional, positive attitude reflects well on your company.
Marg B.
Thank you, Victoria, for being so helpful and considerate and thank you for your patience with Emily. You have been so easy to work with and have left us with a good feeling about your company.
Arlene R.
I feel so lucky to have had you for a teacher. You take the time to teach, to encourage and to share. I appreciate your guidance. I love you and I miss you.
C. C.