We’re the Authentic Choice

Montessori environment in keeping with the core values and teachings of Maria Montessori. We value the child’s individuality and support their natural development so they may become self-motivated, reach new levels of understanding and develop a strong sense of self-esteem in a nurturing educational and fun environment. We provide a unique, yet authentic centre of excellence where children reach their highest potential.

We’re the Authentic Choice

Program Details


The uniquely designed Montessori materials engage the natural curiosity of a child.


Our music sessions provide an excellent opportunity to explore rhythm and movement.


The playground is completely fenced with two safely secured gates and a 900-square-foot patio.


Young children are attracted to numbers which are all around them at our Montessori school.


Being bilingual structurally changes the brain. Studies show the effect is strongest in people who had learned a second language before age 5.

Social Skills

Montessori students behave politely, interact respectfully and work together to problem solve.


We are pleased to be able to help so many families with their child care needs and are grateful for their wonderful feedback. Please take a moment to read what some of our families have said about our school.